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December 18, 2012 | By The Antlerists RED-ANTLER-BEN-WRIGHT-04-small

At Red Antler we are lucky to work with an incredibly talented and interdisciplinary team. Wrapping up the 2012 branding season, we’ve decided to share snapshots of our team members. This week features inquisitive illustrator and designer from down-under, Ben Wright.

Ben Wright, Designer

Resides in: East Williamsburg
Originally from: Perth, Australia
Studied: Design at Curtin University, Western Australia
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How do you approach your work?
I get lost in the details, totally absorbed by the problem. I write a lot, sketch, doodle. I’m almost scared of opening Illustrator or InDesign too soon because I think it limits my imagination. I find that the problem never leaves my mind, it’s always spinning about somewhere in there. Eventually something clicks. Or it doesn’t, in which case there’s always another person that figures it out!

What bit of advice would you give to design students now?
Think about the big picture. It’s not just the logo, it’s not just the type, it’s not just the color. Get the tone of voice right and everything will flow from there. If you can learn how to express your ideas in words it will be make a huge impact on your career.

Who do you respect most in the creative field?
Tibor Kalman. Paul Rand. Reid Miles. Tibor for his humor and courage. Rand for his eye for simplicity and economy of means. Miles for being so damn cool.

What font / typeface do you most identify with and why?
Akzidenz Grotesk. It’s neutral, which means you can make it whatever you want it to be. I like to think I’m the same. I don’t have a style, I don’t want to. I like the idea that I can move in any direction that the brief requires.

What are you reading?
The Underachiever’s Manifesto: A Guide to Accomplishing Little and Feeling Great. I keep coming back to it every year or so. It’s filled with gems like ‘Lower the bar.’ ‘Turn it down a notch’ and ‘Good enough is good enough.’ It’s great for keeping perspective in this crazy world we work in.

What has been the most fulfilling project you’ve worked on?
Redesigning a professional sports team in the Australian Football League. Thousands of angry fans, thousands of happy fans, some of them with my logo tattooed somewhere on their body.

Do you have tattoos?
I don’t have any actually but it reminds me of this amazing image I saw yesterday and I think we should share it with the world.

Fashion must:
Navy blue err’thang – sneakers, jackets, sweaters, oxford shirts.

Choice drink, and what does this say about you?
A coconut bubble tea by day and a manhattan by night. It means: I’m addicted to asian cuisine and I like my cocktails to make geographical sense.

Stay tuned for more snapshots of the Red Antler team!

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