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January 25, 2013 | By The Antlerists Curtis-Fashion-Image

Fashion and style commentary on a branding blog? Craft, detail, color, and patterns… I think it’s only natural.

At Red Antler, we spend our days creating brands and identities. We present ourselves everyday through what we put on. I consider clothes, particularly at work, an opportunity to express who you are, or who you want to be.

There isn’t much of an office dress code at Red Antler. This creates a mostly casual and comfortable work place. At the same time, there are days you feel like wearing a pocket square, or a bowtie. Chatting about this one evening over a beer, Fancy Fridays was created. It made sense. Why not dress to impress on a Friday? Quickly catching on, it inspired an office-wide, refreshed enthusiasm for fashion. With so many memorable moments to capture, Nice Antlers was created to share with everyone.

As we’ve entered the new year, and new season for fashion, I’ve decided to give some voice to my obsession. Work & Wear will feature things I’m fond of, influences and inspiration, what I’d like to see more of, and the occasional challenge to the Antlerists. You can look to Nice Antlers to see our results.

See and be seen.

Curtis Flanagan is a designer at Red Antler and regular contributor to Nice Antlers. In 2012 he was featured in NY Magazine’s “The Right Fit” for summer groom attire. View his Red Antler Team Snapshot, or follow what’s catching his eye on SVPPLY & Tumblr.

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