Sapna Mehra: An Intimate and Empowered Brand Identity

December 14, 2012 | By The Antlerists Em&Sapna_01_v2

This fall Emily Heyward, Red Antler’s Head of Strategy, led a Skillshare class that focused on building a creative and visual brand strategy. The three-week intensive course encouraged students to connect with their audience, set clear goals, and concisely articulate core ideas. Through intensive exercises and discussions, the students (recent college grads to start-up entrepreneurs) developed their own brand visions for a variety of concepts.

The strongest projects were distinguished by their clarity of concept, emotive connection, and supportive research. Sapna Mehra, a young jewelery designer commented, “Simplifying and editing are the best tools in my box! Following the methods I learned in class, I’m able to express my message and my brand in a more powerful, direct and engaging way.”

Her exclusive jewelry line – Sapna Mehra: Talismans of Triumph – is inspired by Eastern symbolism and philosophy. Mehra aims to invoke women’s stories and experiences of empowerment and transformation. She collaborates with a team of master artisans in Rajasthan, India to hand-craft the designs using 400 year-old techniques. Each piece is crafted with deeply embedded meaning from the materials chosen to the tradition of craftsmanship and inspirational stories behind the collections.

In Mehra’s words:
“My target audience is a driven, accomplished woman who is deeply committed to a process of self-discovery, improvement and knowledge. When she unleashes her best self, she ultimately adds beauty and goodness into her immediate environment and the world at large.”

What are the next steps for Talismans of Triumph?
“I see my brand reaching more people and evolving to create a deeper connection and experience for my customer. Next steps are to makeover the website, packaging, and messaging to reflect the mood and core message of my brand with more poignancy. In 2013 I’ll be doing more events where I can meet and connect with people and also launch some new collections. I’m excited!”

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Emily Heyward is also a Fast Company contributor.

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