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Major congratulations to Clover Health, the startup that’s transforming the healthcare industry with a new technology-driven approach to Medicare that gives senior citizens a more effective, affordable option.The company recently launched and announced  $100 million in new funding, led by First Round Capital, the venture firm that’s known for its investments in Uber, Warby-Parker, and Square. First Round’s $4 million investment drew attention from the venture capital community in a big way, marking the firm’s biggest initial funding in the past 10 years, much higher than its average of $500k.


We collaborated with Clover to create a brand that signifies a drastic shift in healthcare, with a completely new approach that uses technology to enable personalized, preventative care. Our strategy focuses on communicating what Clover does to keep patients healthy, and all the tangible things members receive, rather than making high-level emotional and often empty claims that have become the industry norm. By integrating comprehensive data, Clover always knows the current state of each customer’s health and can make informed decisions regarding treatments, including directly administering in-home care through nurse practitioners and social workers. Clover lets you see doctors in- and out-of-network for the same low costs, giving members a better experience than they get from any other insurance plan. The results? Patients are healthier, which prevents future expensive medical bills, reducing overall costs – a savings passed directly back to patients.


We also worked with Clover to create a health-insurance website that’s simple and intuitive, helping people understand how Clover is truly committed to improving members’ quality of life. We launched an interim site to drive awareness and understanding, and are ramping up to launch the full enrollment site, which will be live in October. With senior healthcare finally in the right hands, we can all sleep better knowing our future is that much brighter.

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