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Congratulations to Tyra Banks and her team for launching TYRA, their cosmetics and beauty experience! We’ve been working closely together with her for the past 10 months to design a bold brand, eye-catching packaging, and an immersive e-commerce experience. We’re so excited to unveil it all to the world today.


The mark was inspired by Tyra’s signature Smize — smiling with your eyes.

Beyond the development of the brand itself, we also created and built a fully responsive eCommerce site, pushing the concept of “beautytainment.” You’ll find articles, tips, and a healthy dose of the Tyra personality that we all love.

From the bright colors and graphics to the irreverent product names and photography, the bold new brand is an honest reflection of Tyra’s personality, strength, and attitude towards beauty.


In just the first few hours of launching, Tyra fans everywhere expressed their excitement. Here’s what they said:

drockdancer: ‘I literally bought every single product on her current line!’

jennawennawoo: ‘Love love love the idea! You inspire me Tyra always expanding your success to help others make success out of their life as well! You’re amazing!’

alohaimlei: ‘Congratulations Tyra! I used to love your makeup tips on your show! I want to try out your line!’


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