Big News

We joined forces with Boxed to relaunch the brand across digital, packaging, and advertising, bringing energy and fun to bulk shopping in a whole new way.

Previously, bulk shopping required all-day trips to the club store, lugging shopping bags, and was limited to people with cars. Now, with and the Boxed app, everyone has an easy way to stock up on the things they need and love in bulk sizes, at the lowest prices- so customers can feel all set, all the time.


We designed an exciting, eye-catching identity that signifies a fresh take on the category, and a new age of bulk shopping online. With bold, larger than life visual elements that reflect the bulk sizes of the products themselves, and clear, direct messaging, the brand makes you want to buy everything in bulk, from shampoo to Cheerios to toilet paper.


And to show that Boxed is for everyone, we designed an out-of-home campaign featuring products in a range of (all-too-familiar) situations, from bro-ing out to to date nights to hangovers. No matter who you are or what you need, Boxed helps you prepare for anything that comes your way.