The new Epicurious has launched, and we’re thrilled to be feasting our eyes on the finished product of such an exciting challenge.


We worked with Epicurious to evolve their brand to speak to the ever-growing audience of Gen Y and late millennial food-culture lovers, while building on its 19-year-old legacy. A true pioneer, Epicurious cultivated tremendous brand equity as the first digital food resource for home cooks. Setting the standard for outstanding recipes, they’ve inspired cooks with a level of quality – an authoritative voice, imagination, and amazing content – that can’t be found anywhere else.


Envisioning a brand that conveyed this incomparable quality, we collaborated closely with Executive Director Eric Gillin and the Epicurious team. We crafted a look & feel that brought a new perspective to the existing identity while still preserving some of its former character. Designer Lauren Sheldon comments, “we infused the logotype and color palette with a boldness and energy that reflects the brand’s updated personality, and the thrill of cooking something new.” And by handing off a kit of design tools to use as the brand continues to grow, we ensured that design standards are maintained as the experience evolves.


The new digital experience also makes it easier than ever for cooks to find, discover, and get inspired. With the search bar front and center on the homepage, users can search for curated recipes, or browse by categories like “Expert Advice,” “Ingredients,” and “Holidays & Events.” And with links to relevant content throughout the site experience, it’s harder than ever to tear yourself away. So now, Epicurious.com is not only a cook’s oyster, but their garlic bread, their hot-honey shrimp, and their heirloom tomato pico de gallo to explore, cook, and share on both special and unremarkable occasions. 

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By Mark Wilson for FastCo Design

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