Big News

For those of us who’ve had the chance to chat with partner Emily Heyward, it’s easy to understand why she’s an inspiring force of nature at Red Antler. With a contagious enthusiasm that draws friends and followers no matter what the topic at hand – from business strategy to New York pizza- we’re tempted to keep her to ourselves. But we think the whole world would benefit from her charisma- which is why we’re incredibly excited to share her most recent interview .

Emily was invited to be a guest on The Good Life Project, a podcast hosted by Jonathan Fields of interviews with fascinating people from a variety of industries. Discussing everything from how and why she helped found Red Antler to ethical philosophy to detergent ads, Emily’s interview is a colorful look into her guiding principles. Giving us a peek into the inner workings of Emily, she tells listeners  “I am obsessed with figuring out what problems we’re solving for the people who we’re serving.” Check out to listen to the full podcast!