Around the Studio

With a fresh brand identity and a new website, Bay Dynamics is breaking through all the noise in cyber security to establish its place as a major leader in the industry. With over a decade of experience in the space, Bay Dynamics is an intelligent platform that helps companies quickly learn the uniquely varied behaviors of their workforce. Instead of passively collecting large, unwieldy amounts of data like other cyber security companies, Bay Dynamics acts as a centralized brain that sorts through numbers, finds patterns among peer groups, and offers actionable solutions in digestible reports to quash threats before they happen.


Our teams collaborated to build a new look and feel for the Bay Dynamics brand and highlight its product, Risk Fabric. We aimed to create human language in a niche field that is becoming increasingly complex. With so much esoteric security jargon, it’s becoming harder and harder for companies to determine which safety measures are truly necessary, and which are frankly a ripoff. Eliminating the jargon with clear, straightforward messaging, we made Bay Dynamics’ powerful services digestible for both professional security analysts and the key decision makers -CEOs, CMOs, CFOs- at Fortune 500 companies that purchase Bay Dynamics.

We set Bay Dynamics apart from its competitors by finding a visual balance between the old-school, tech-focused security companies and the lighter feeling startups that don’t look secure. With a strong mark balanced by type and photography that feels human, we focused on communicating a feeling of trust; particularly the idea that companies feel supported by Bay Dynamics in moments where there could be total panic. Designer David Ricart comments, “businesses are under incredible stress to protect the data they have access to. We wanted to create a brand that cuts through the stress and makes people feel protected and empowered.” Leading global companies from UBS to Comcast depend on Bay Dynamics to keep everything under control. And with this layer of protection, companies can get back to productive human interaction and concentrate on growth.