Big News

Congratulations to our friends at Foursquare, who today unveiled their new logo and wordmark (as well as a sneak peek of the design of the new app!) to The Verge. We’ve been working together for the past few months on the design and messaging for the rebrand of Foursquare, as well as the launch of new brand, Swarm.

Since we started Red Antler nearly seven years ago, we’ve found that fully collaborating with our clients produces the best results, and this partnership was a perfect example. Our teams worked hand in hand through every step of the process, from strategy through design, to understand all aspects of Foursquare’s new services and the user interface. And when we say we ‘worked together’, we mean that literally; the Red Antler design team worked onsite at the Foursquare office, and Foursquare designers often spent days in RA’s Dumbo office.



“As avid Foursquare addicts ourselves, we could not have been more excited when the opportunity arose to work with them,” says Emily Heyward, Partner at Red Antler. “Their team’s decision to split the original product into two separate apps made perfect sense to us, and we collectively agreed that in order to signal this shift to users and make a significant impact, the brand needed a refresh. The truth is that Foursquare is by far the smartest, most effective, most fun way to discover new things around you, but that message was never going to get across through copy alone. We all decided it was time for the main Foursquare brand to grow up, and Swarm became the brand that was a bit younger and more playful.”

You can read more about the new direction of Foursquare in Ellis Hamburger’s post on The Verge as well as details on the design at FastCo Design and Adweek.