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Between wattage, energy saving, and lofty claims about our electric bills, there’s a lot of noise in the lightbulb category. But what really matters is how different types of light make us feel- because light has a huge influence on our overall wellbeing.

We collaborated with GE to create a new, direct-to-consumer lighting brand – C by GE – that simplifies what was once a confusing category with two connected light bulbs, C- Life and C-Sleep.

With the power of LED technology, C by GE is able to create a finely tuned light that’s entirely controlled through a simple smartphone app – no hub, no hardware. C-Sleep has been specially developed for the bedroom, producing a warm, calming light at night, and a cool, energizing environment in the morning, to sync with our body’s sleep cycle. And C-Life is for the rest of the day, and can be easily adjusted for working, reading, cooking, playing, and any other lighting need.  

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We built the brand on a foundation of iconic ease, simplicity, and joy. From brand and product naming to identity to website and packaging design, every touchpoint of the brand experience represents a breath of fresh air in the category, speaking to consumers with warmth and honesty.

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