Big News

Despite the fact that we work alongside Red Antler partner JB Osborne as he ponders new partnerships, strategizes our future, and conquers DUMBO, it’s always special to be able to sit down with him and pick his brain. His rare ability to translate a big idea or endeavor into a simple, tangible path forward never fails to rally the team- whether he’s talking to 3 people or 60. So today, we’re extra happy to be able to share his inspiring outlook with the world in the form of his recent interview with Leadfully, a platform that helps emerging leaders become the best they can be, in which he talks about why optimism is essential to effective leadership. JB tells readers “believing in what’s around the corner helps others to imagine the future, and work together to get there. Sometimes we have a map, sometimes just a hunch, but either way your belief in what’s to come can be infectious.” Take a look to learn about JB’s approach to running a company, and how he keeps his glasses rose-colored, no matter what.