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And we don’t mean the friendly ghost. The Casper we’re talking about is a revolutionary ‘sleep-startup’ that is shaking up an outdated industry to give us the bed of our dreams – one that loves us back!

As branding partners (for naming, messaging, brand identity, web design and packaging), we’re pumped to see Casper launch today. Like most New Yorkers, we know that buying a bed is the worst. The fright of picking out a new mattress that doesn’t break the bank means sifting through stale, confusing products, and putting yourself on display under the eyes of sales reps, showroom lines, and glaring fluorescent lights. Not exactly relaxing or enjoyable, and quite the opposite of what you really want – a place to sleep and have sex!

Thankfully, Casper gets this, and has set out to eliminate this uncomfortable experience, and finally provide an affordable product we can get behind – or on top of. Through a vertically integrated process, they have expertly engineered the perfect foam and latex mattress which is beyond comfortable. In true early adopter form, we were lucky enough to nab a prototype for the office – hello, nap room!

Working collaboratively with the Casper team, we focused on making the full brand experience as enjoyable as the products are high-quality. To bring the brand to life, Casper’s personality is invigorated with playful illustrations, web interactions, and art direction alongside photographer Henry Hargreaves.

Designer Jess Yan remarks, “The brand is about turning theory into reality and ideals into dreams come true. Casper celebrates all the waking, the snoozing, the drooling, and the sexing that happens in bed. Mattresses are not inherently objects of wonder, so we focused on elevating design, utility, and beauty. The place where we spend 1/3 of our lives should look and feel worthy of its calling, yet never out of sync with our day to day.”
And finally, the icing on the cake includes doorstep delivery, straight out of the box!

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