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Enter the luxurious world of Maiyet, the high-end fashion brand that incorporates exquisite design and craftsmanship into every collection. Sourcing inspiration and expertise from artisans as far flung as India, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Mongolia, Peru, Bolivia, Japan, and Thailand, Maiyet represents incredible adventure. Those who have come to know and love the beauty of Maiyet collections have formed a loyal following, as the quality of each piece is incomparable.

But all of this is difficult to convey online, without actually getting to touch, feel, and experience the clothing. So in preparation for the unveiling of the new collection at Fall Fashion Week 2016, we launched a new digital experience that highlights the clothes and the incredible stories behind them.

The digital experience takes visitors through everything that makes Maiyet unique. From sustainability -the company is committed to sourcing the best materials in the world responsibly, which they do through strategic partnerships with non-profits and artisans. To technique- the website illustrates 10 different masterful techniques that Maiyet artisans use. Visitors gain an appreciation for the thought put into each collection, which bring to life breathtaking fusions of culture, movement, and style.