Around the Studio

Today our very own Sprout Eleanor was featured as the cover girl for an Agency Spotter feature on rising creative canines. Alongside our Brussels’ Boss are her long-time pal, Brodie Monster, and Red Antler’s newly appointed Chief Lap Officer, Lila Belle.

Check out the full article to see our furry friends hard at work:
11 Pups With Creative Agency Credentials
By Claire Wallace for Agency Spotter

…and enjoy a few of our favorite outtakes:
01-Red-Antler-BrodieDoes anyone know the wifi password!?

05-Red-Antler-Brodie-SproutBrodie: Look at the beard on that freelancer.
Sprout: Nice try, but he’s got nothing on me!

07-Lila-red-antler-2Crunching numbers is a walk in the park!