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Big News

Mighty is blazing trails in the justice system. Recently launched and having just raised $5MM, the company is empowering people struggling under the weight of civil lawsuits.

We worked closely with Mighty to create a powerful, refreshingly human brand that uses clear language to bring transparency to the historically opaque industry of legal funding. As it stands, people who have suffered damages are often forced to settle for much less than they deserve, simply because they can’t afford to wait for a fair outcome as everyday expenses pile up. Conversely the defendant, often an insurance company or large employer, has the luxury of time and resources. Mighty is leveling the playing field by connecting people with funding through a network of investors, to pay everything from medical bills to rent so they can afford to seek justice.



We created a website that provides clarity and ease-of-use to people faced with making fast and stressful decisions about their future. And by designing the Mighty mark with upward angles that are heroic and uplifting, and using a bright, lively green to symbolize energy, we infused the Mighty brand with a super power of its own. A power to stand out and act as a friendly, guiding light to people often in the toughest times of their life.