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Was it the spontaneous pizza delivery? Was it the star-studded selfie that went viral? Maybe it was even the nominations themselves that helped draw the highest Oscar ratings in 10 years. Whatever it was, this year’s Academy Awards drew an audience of over 43 million viewers, which meant 43 million voices in tow for the play-by-play.

At the front end of a very interactive #Oscars was the ever-endearing host, Ellen Degeneres, who with just a few words of encouragement to the viewers, sparked the most retweeted-tweet in history with her star-studded selfie.

At the back end of this event, measuring the madness, was 24-year-old CEO, Kelsey Falter and her company, Poptip -a Red Antler client of whom we’re incredibly proud!- partnering with E! Entertainment network to provide the technology. Poptip led the initiative to let viewers participate in real-time twitter-based voting. Poptip gives any company the power to pose a question to its followers, aggregate responses on Twitter and Facebook, and communicate the results in real time. Companies can then use this information to converse with key audiences.

So what does this mean exactly, and how does it work? During the Oscars for example, E! Online would tweet a question like, “What did you think of Ellen DeGeneres as the host at #TheOscars2014? Cast your vote.” Followers would click either “Loved Her!” or “Never Again!” buttons in response, seeing their and others’ reactions displayed in a matter of seconds, all without leaving the tweet itself.

The technology also provided insights on the most talked about phrases during the Oscars, such as the star-studded selfie, and the top 5 most-mentioned celebs.

Poptip is setting a precedent for the future of entertainment with the capability of providing this kind of ground-breaking technology, in addition to similar partnerships with companies like ESPN and CNN. Now that viewers have access to real-time results, delayed or less insightful social data will become a thing of the past; just like dial-up internet access or our pre-Seamless dependence on the phone for Oscars Night take out. Ultimately as a viewer,  you’ll be empowered to voice your feedback and participate as real time events take place.

Why just watch, when you can have your say and see it too?

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