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Abra, the global peer-to-peer money transfer app, is sending ripples through the world by transforming the way people send and receive money, making transferring funds more easy, instant, safe and secure. We collaborated with the Abra team to name the company and create a brand identity and digital experience that signal a major shift in international money exchange. And we couldn’t be happier to announce that they won Launch Festival 2015, competing against several other new ventures.


Abra puts the money back in the people’s hands. When you need to send money to your family or friends in a different country, there are all kinds of obstacles that typically stand in the way. Often controlled by third parties that charge exorbitant fees, these outdated services like MoneyGram and Western Union are inconvenient and don’t put the customer first. Abra eliminates the transfer fee, allowing users to send and receive money on their smartphones without the third-party middle man taking a cut. And no bank account is needed, as Abra works with a network of Tellers who allow users to deposit and withdraw cash directly from the app.

We created a brand that is friendly and approachable, with a visual language that communicates the ease and fluidity that Abra offers its users. The Abra character, formed out of the logo letterforms, symbolizes the new international network for money exchange, for the people by the people. We also created a website to introduce Abra’s product to the world that communicates its money transfer process in a simple and compelling way.