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Red Antler’s Award Presented by DUMBO Bid

2015 is fast approaching, but that doesn’t mean 2014 is cooling down…in fact it’s heating up in a big way. Read up on a few things that are making this year great.

Giving Net Neutrality a Much-Needed Makeover

We, along with millions of other Americans, think the term “Net Neutrality” is a mouthful, and not an exciting one at that. What a lackluster term for such a provocative, important, and increasingly relevant idea in our world today. So when we, along with six other design firms, were invited by Bloomberg Businessweek to rebrand Net Neutrality, in other words giving it a “makeover,” we happily accepted the juicy challenge. Anything in the name of fair Internet for all! Take a peek at our rebrand, and don’t forget to vote (for us, we hope)!

Simon Endres to Present at Digital Dumbo
Tomorrow is Digital Dumbo’s Holiday bash. We’re excited and flattered to say that Simon will present highlights from our work from this past year, and make one prediction for 2015. We can’t wait to hear what other Dumbo-based agencies will predict.

Emily Heyward Speaks at 99U’s Pop Up School

We had a blast hearing Emily’s talk at the after-work 99U Pop Up Lecture Series, speaking about her essay “Solving a Real Problem,” included in Behance’s newest book “Make Your Mark: The Creative’s Guide to Building a Business with Impact.” She questioned if innovation is inherently good, urging entrepreneurs to use their businesses to identify and fill real needs above all else. You can get your own copy here.

Red Antler Welcomes NEA
We recently welcomed NEA‘s Studio to our office to discuss our process and the importance of branding. Here as part of the venture capital firm’s new design program, we had so much fun sharing our experience working on everything from Foursquare to Casper with such a passionate audience. They challenged us to think about our work from a new perspective, asking insightful questions that lead to a great conversation.

Dumbo BID Does Dumbo Dozen
This past Monday, we had the honor of being celebrated as one of 12 members of the Dumbo community who are doing incredible things in 2014. Partner JB Osborne accepted our award at the event held by Dumbo BID. He shared the spotlight with some awe-inspiring entrepreneurs, including our favorite up-and-coming superstar, Kai Song. View the full Dumbo Dozen here.

Seven Design Firms Give ‘Net Neutrality’ a Makeover
By Belinda Lanks for Bloomberg Businessweek

Make Your Mark: The Creative’s Guide to Building a Business with Impact
Purchase a copy of the newest edition of The 99U Book Series, which includes Emily Heyward’s essay

NEA Launches Design Program “In the Studio Part ii,” Appoints Albert Lee and Liz Danzico as Advisors
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