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Sometimes at Red Antler, we choose to get more involved with a business and come in as partners, and this is our newest venture. We’re excited to unleash the mouthwatering flavors of Tenayo salsa as we celebrate its official launch!

We’ve collaborated with Arturo Cruz, the man behind Tenayo Salsa, to bring his family’s recipe to life. Growing up in the small town of El Tenayo, Mexico, Arturo perfected the art of salsa-making by watching his mother, aunts, and sisters prepare the staple with practically every meal. Blending six natural ingredients into a smooth, saucy consistency, Tenayo complements nearly any dish you can think of. Today, Arturo makes every batch by hand in New York City.

Drawing on our inspiration of this rich family tradition, we’ve spent a year taste-testing, designing the brand, jumping between names, and finding the perfect jar. Now, Tenayo is officially available at Gourmet Garage and Blue Ribbon Bakery Market – but keep your eyes open for additional stores, we’re feeling good about 2014!


We’re so grateful to be a partner in the creation of this brand, and for the opportunity to help preserve the Cruz family legacy. Designer McKenna Kemp remarks:

“Our main objective was to stay as true to Arturo as possible. We presented the salsa, its packaging, and website in an honest way, not over-designing them. The brand is really about Arturo, his family, and their unique salsa, and we didn’t want anything else to get in the way of that story. We even used his actual handwriting in the Tenayo logo.”


For online shoppers, we’ve designed a responsive website that lets shoppers customize a Tenayo four-pack of their favorite flavors. Ranging from Original Roasted Tomato, Habanero, Mild, Verde and Chipotle, there’s a salsa for every taste. So whether you’re serving fish, kale, or the unexpected, Tenayo can warm up your favorite dishes all Winter long!


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