Around the Studio

We’re excited to announce the launch of Snowe, the company that’s changing the way we make ourselves at home.


Like a domestic force of nature, Snowe is providing amazing home essentials that last. Now you’re no longer forced to choose between OK quality and cringe-worthy price tags. From Limoges porcelain plates to Italian-crafted percale bedding, Snowe uses top of the line materials to make the highest quality products. And by working directly with the best European factories, they’re able to offer them at a lower cost to consumers.

Collaborating with Snowe from early product-development stages, we were conscious at every touch point -from naming to visual identity to photography and art direction- to create a holistic brand experience, with a voice and personality that understands how you live. Snowe gives consumers helpful guidance for a seamless, informative buying experience, and speaks in a real way. In the world of Snowe, you eat your Chinese food leftovers for breakfast in the same bowl you serve up at your parents’ 20th anniversary dinner party. Bringing beauty to even the smallest moments, Snowe gives you a foundation to build a home you love, that grows with you as your needs evolve.

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