Around the Studio

Last week, Red Antler went out on a limb (arms mostly) and declared International Tattoo Day on July 7th. We were lucky enough to host the incredible Annie Lloyd of GetFatBK, who inked up the office with impressive grace and precision. Our Antlerists chose designs from windows to triangles to lions, reminding us of the surprising but welcome diversity of personality and taste in the office. Annie and her talented team generously spent a day sharing their love for the craft, giving us an ink-ling that we just might (really!) want to continue this tradition next year. Check out Annie’s work here and photos from International Tattoo Day below.


Gillian Grefé says of the experience, ” I wish every day were tattoo day, but then my mother would be very, very upset. This is my own drawing of the little window I fixate on every time I’ve looked at my parents’ old Victorian house.  Their home, even now, is my happiest place and stands for so much.”

Dan Leatherman comments, “I had been thinking about getting this tattoo for almost 2 years now (and had already okayed it with my wife), but being able to get it as a perk is cool (and free). I love that the point of it wasn’t to encourage people to get tattoos—that would just be crazy. It’s the fact that people that want to do it can, and we did it together. There’s lots of ways to look at something abstract as triangles, but to me it’s multiple levels of meaning. On a basic level, it’s a reminder to give what you have—not what you could or might have—but what you do have at that very moment.







Mckenna Kemp reflects,  “Annie really made me feel so at ease as a first-timer – very chill and welcoming, and willing to help me figure out the direction to take with my tattoo. And of course being able to get my tattoo done at work was an added bonus!”

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