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Hailing from New Zealand, the Allbirds brand is driven by a passion for exploration and curiosity. They’re on a mission to revolutionize the footwear industry, shaking up how we think about the life of our shoes. Allbirds is leading innovation in the category, with sneakers made from natural, sustainable merino wool with a radically reduced carbon footprint. As birds of a feather, Allbirds and Red Antler are a perfect fit.


The Wool Runner is a trainer made from premium quality New Zealand merino wool that is both durable and beautiful. It’s an uncomplicated shoe that fits your extraordinary life, allowing you to hop from beach to bike to the bar, no hassle.


We collaborated with Tim Brown and Joey Zwillinger, along with the awesome Allbirds team to create their name, brand identity, e-commerce experience, and innovative packaging solution (with three patents pending!).



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