We collaborated with Valet Anywhere to create a brand identity for the first company in New York that picks up your car, parks it, and returns it directly to you. We worked to preserve some of the exciting luxury of a valet experience -the ease, the speed, and the comfort- while losing the traditional stuffiness.

In order to bring a sleek new look to the valet category, we used a bright but simple color palette, engaging photography & videography, and clear iconography. Designing the logo, we created a bold stripe, placing it within a location marker. “Our decision to use a location marker in the logo embodied and elevated the brand experience,” comments designer Christian Butte. “It says, wherever you are, Valet Anywhere will come to you as quickly as they can and perform a swift exchange.” And zooming up to your car in white jackets with the bright purple logo, the valets are like your knights on shining scooters. Did we mention they ride scooters?

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 2.48.24 PM

Bringing a traditional service into the 21st century, it was important to make the digital experience as effortless and enjoyable as the physical exchange. Once you’re logged into the app, it takes only a few taps to order your car, or let a valet know you’re ready to drive again.
You can read more about Valet Anywhere in Harrison Weber’s article in VentureBeat, and in Ben Fischer’s post in The New York Business Journal.