This morning on NY1, I saw a commercial that truly made me smile (no, it wasn’t for Grand Prospect Hall). Believe it or not, it was an ad for Sleepy’s Mattresses, and the gist went something like this: “Doesn’t it seem like everyone is trying to sell mattresses these days?” with the assertion being that you should ONLY trust your bed-buying to Sleepy’s, the ONLY mattress professional. They even rewrote their tagline to be: The ONLY Mattress Professionals. Nice one, guys.

Here’s their explanation of the campaign.

So why did this ad make me so happy? Because I have to assume it’s in part a reaction to the incredible momentum of our client Casper, who has taken the mattress industry by storm with their innovative model, simple offering, and highly competitive pricing. And there’s no better sign that you’re meaningfully disrupting a category than when the category leader shows fear. It’s Uber and taxis, it’s AirBNB and the hotel industry.

Here’s a tip to all the Sleepy’s of the world. Instead of launching a defensive ad campaign, which frankly makes you look…defensive, how about taking a good hard look at why a company like Casper can so easily shake things up? How about taking a look at your customer experience, your offering, your pricing, your use of technology – all the things that good startups focus on from day one when they’re creating their brands.

We are living in an incredibly exciting time, when the barriers to starting a new company are only getting lower, which means no industry is safe from a new player coming in and changing everything. And personally, I’m thrilled. Because it means that no one, no matter how big, can afford to simply and sleepily rest on their success, which makes the world work better for all of us.


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