FOLX Health brand by Red Antler

Queer as hell

For most queer and trans folks, healthcare sucks. Insurance is confusing and it’s impossible to get appointments, not to mention being forced to talk with practitioners about sex lives they don’t understand. Each turn is met with more boundaries and shame. Cue Folx Health. Founded by A.G. Breitenstein, Folx is the first-ever holistic, queer healthcare platform that removes the barriers - and the stigmas - from the queer and trans medical experience. Working closely with A.G., we assembled an all-queer team at Red Antler to build a brand that would not only position Folx as a healthcare leader, but would deliver a groundbreaking resource that lets the queer and trans community be ourselves. Together, we created a queer and trans-centric brand system, one that uses bold, uncompromising language, gets playful with symbol compositions, and breaks convention across the spectrum to celebrate our lives and finally give healthcare a new voice.

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“Queer health advocate A.G. Breitenstein is raising the bar of health care with the launch of Folx Health... the first digital health provider designed with the medical needs and goals of the LGBTQIA+ community in mind.”

- Crunchbase

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