It's a watch

The situation 

For the launch of its first DTC watch collection, Movado sought to bring its minimalist Bauhaus heritage to a younger audience — one that already had a lot of overly-designed, Instagram watch brands to choose from. This digitally-native group has an appreciation for streamlined design, yet lives in a world that constantly pushes more.

The solution 

With Movado Face, the brand was offering something refreshingly different: less. We developed a positioning, name, typography and color palette to reflect the brand’s roots in simplicity. Then, we launched the new collection with “Featuring Less,” a campaign that provided a cheeky respite from the overstimulating nature of most digital advertising. 

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Hairless cats, white bread, and a sponge anyone?

We rooted all of the work, from the subject matter to the headlines, to the message delivery in Bauhaus principles, which dictate that form follows function. Everything is arrestingly austere.

Reclaiming your time

It only takes 0:05 to deliver the campaign’s message, so our pre-roll encouraged viewers to move on.

“The Brooklyn agency moved from lofty meditations on design and gave the concept a playful social lift using hairless cats, snails, turtles, pretty birds and loaves of bread to target a younger audience.”


"There's not too much going on in the creative."


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