Hyper-custom haircare

The situation

According to the drugstore aisle, there are four hair types: curly, color-treated, straight, and "ethnic." Prose makes haircare so custom, there are over 79 trillion formulations. Shampoos and conditioners made for long hair, short hair, stressed out hair, hair in heat, vegan hair, and everything in between. After working with us to launch its brand in 2016, Prose engaged our team again for its first-ever national TV campaign. Our goal was to help people see that custom isn’t just a gimmick; it’s the only thing that makes sense.

The solution

Through its proprietary haircare technology Prose has proven that everything from what you eat to where you live impacts your hair, making it defy standard typification. To drive this home, we created a campaign that subverted people’s expectations about hair type and cast genetically identical twins to show that even hair that looks the same can have entirely different needs.

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“We started three years ago with Red Antler when we did the foundation of the name, brand and experience… now we’ve done our first TV campaign together. This long relationship has helped us to continue to nurture our brand with real, long-term partners."

Arnaud Plas, Co-founder & CEO

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