Map Your Happy

The explorer’s superpower

Backed by years of data and its proprietary location-based technology, Foursquare is the smartest, most personalized way to discover new places. But in the eyes of the public, the brand was all about checking into locations. When the company decided to split into two apps, with Foursquare for discovery and Swarm for check-ins, they asked us to evolve the brand to signal its new path.

Discover like a hero

With the ability to know exactly what to do wherever you are, Foursquare gives users the “superpower” of discovery. Inspired by this idea, we drew from superhero iconography to design a wordmark and logo that establish Foursquare as the best guide to great places. As a reflection of the app’s location-based experience, the logo also references the idea of a map pin.

A meeting of the minds

We collaborated closely with the Foursquare team through every step of the process. Working out of both the Red Antler and Foursquare offices, we put our heads together to constantly push the boundaries and evolve the brand in a bold new way.

Introducing Swarm

With Foursquare’s evolution into a search and discovery platform, the check-in function was spun out as a stand-alone app called Swarm. Where Foursquare leads users to the next great discovery, Swarm lets users connect with their friends to find out where they are and what they’re up to.

Your social heatmap

Missing out on the chance to meet up is a social butterfly’s (and bee’s!) worst nightmare. We created an identity for Swarm to live independently of Foursquare that represents the best way to check in and meet up with friends.

We helped Foursquare step into a new era with clear positioning and powerful identities for both Foursquare and Swarm. Whether it’s discovering great places or checking in with friends, people everywhere can have better experiences in the world around them.