Education overhaul

The situation

For many, college is a false promise. It leaves people with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, and no job. MissionU wanted to change that with a revolutionary approach to higher education—tuition-free, debt-free, career-focused, one-year programs. But, it needed to prove its legitimacy against the trusted, 400-year-old institutions of American academia, and establish itself as a community that people were proud to be a part of.

The solution

We helped MissionU stake the claim as the modern-day college alternative, and a direct path to success. We built a brand that stood for a clear path forward, and everything from the logo to the web experience to the swag reflects this energy and momentum.

What we did

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Brand Messaging
UX + Visual Design
Front End Development
Art Direction

"Red Antler was an invaluable partner as we set out to launch our business and define a new category. They were inspiring, thoughtful and brilliant collaborators!"

— Adam Braun, CEO & Co-Founder of MissionU