Fill your home with quality

The situation

When it comes time to buying home essentials, people are stuck choosing between a new IKEA set or crazy high prices for quality. They want to fill their homes with things they love — things that last forever — but it’s not always within reach. That’s why Snowe set out to be the name for beautiful home essentials, stocking quality products that didn’t cost a fortune and that people were proud to own.

The solution

We built a brand that reflects how people actually live, understanding that one night they might be hosting a dinner party, and the next eating takeout on the couch. By elevating simple home basics, and grounding them in the messiness of everyday life, we established Snowe as the beautiful, real foundation to build on.

What we did

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Brand Messaging
UX + Visual Design
Back End Development
Front End Development
Industrial Design