Cute But Fierce

Sweets with teeth

What’s someone to do when their chocolate has a premium look and feel, but their gummies look like a kid’s after-school treat? We worked with tennis champion and gummy lover Maria Sharapova to create a candy brand that gives consumers gummies they can be excited to share, with an unexpected aesthetic they truly appreciate, just like their favorite chocolate or even fashion brands. Taking a fun and refreshing approach to gummy and sour candies, we made the category a whole lot sweeter in the process.

Advantage: Maria

As both a fierce competitor and passionate candy lover, Maria’s unique mix of style and substance was the driving inspiration for the brand personality and playful individual flavors we created for Sugarpova. Envisioning it as a badge brand, we developed the identity accordingly. We created eye-catching packaging people would be proud to take out of their purse whatever flavor they chose, from Cheeky to Splashy to Chic.

All grown up

We referenced beauty and fashion cues to establish a premium yet playful visual language for Sugarpova.To bring the brand to life, we art directed a photo shoot to show Maria’s captivating personality. In packaging design, we used some of Maria’s funnest traits, from Quirky, to Sassy, to Speedy to name and create distinct identities for each flavor. All derived from the lip-shaped logo, the flavors come together to make a memorable system that can grow with the company, allowing consumers to choose their favorites, and building character into even the smallest details of the brand.

We extended the Sugarpova experience across the brand’s web presence with a fully responsive ecommerce site, in addition to producing ongoing seasonal campaigns.

Gummies were just the first step in launching a brand for candy lovers of all ages to be excited about. With no candy brand for people to enjoy showing off and sharing, we used fashion-forward packaging to bring a new level of quality and sophistication to the category, making Sugarpova the most delicious accessory for any season.