Staying ahead of hair loss

The situation

With hair loss, it’s easy to see there’s a problem, but harder to find a solution. Though only a few products have proven results, the internet is crowded with scare tactics and snake oil. Left to their own devices and anxieties, many men delay taking meaningful action until it’s too late. Keeps set out to fix that, creating a straightforward, enjoyable experience in a category tainted by stigmas and misinformation.

The solution

We created a brand around the idea of proactivity, focusing our efforts on motivating men to take charge of their hair loss, as early as possible. With an incredibly frank approach and a bit of wit, we were able to create a rallying brand that urged every customer to become a man of action.

What we did

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Brand Messaging
UX + Visual Design
Packaging Design

"Red Antler is the best. We started with an ambitious goal and a lot of unknowns. The team delivered a final product well beyond our expectations."

— Steven Gutentag, Co-founder

"[Keeps] helped incite a conversation online about how millennial men think about their hair."

— Fast Company