Sustainability meets style

The situation

The footwear category holds some of the most beloved brands in the world, but it also relies on synthetic materials that are terrible for the environment. Allbirds wanted to transform the space with the natural materials that surround us. Our task was to create a brand that could build a movement—not just based on their mission, but for the shoes themselves.

The solution

We built the Allbirds brand around curiosity and exploration, and infused it into everything: an evocative name, flowing logotype, and surprising, dynamic packaging. Each interaction with the brand invites people to join them on the journey, and the world’s been engaged at every step.

What we did

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Brand Messaging
UX + Visual Design
Back End Development
Front End Development
Marketing & Activation
Industrial Design
Packaging Design

"Red Antler is simply the best at what they do. They didn't just create a logo mark for the brand; they helped us communicate what we stand for."

— Tim Brown, Co-founder, Allbirds