Get Up and Go

Better shoes in a better way

These days, there’s no shortage of fashionable, head-turning shoes. But most shoe companies use synthetic materials, which come from oil and are absolutely terrible for the environment. Driven by a mission to find new ways to use the world’s best natural materials, Allbirds is stepping in to fill the gap with the Wool Runners, unbelievably comfortable shoes made from the finest sustainable New Zealand merino wool.

We built the Allbirds brand around the company's innate sense of curiosity and adventure, collaborating with the Allbirds team from the beginning to work through identity, naming, messaging, digital experience, and packaging.

Never stand still

A sense of constant movement pervades the entire brand system: from logotype that flows with purpose, to photography that captures subjects who are always going somewhere, to illustration that highlights quirky, surprising moments. Each layer of the Allbirds brand reveals something new around the next corner, keeping consumers intrigued and inviting them to learn more.

Curiously different

The brand’s sense of curiosity and exploration also informed packaging design. Challenging the conventional shoebox, we designed an unexpected experience (with 3 patents pending!). The Allbirds box both ships the shoes and physically opens up to display each shoe in its own compartment, creating a poignant moment of discovery. And Allbirds packaging uses 40% less material than a typical shoebox for a more sustainable footprint.

A more comfortable experience

Launching with one amazing shoe and a big mission, we designed an immersive experience that pulls people in, welcoming the challenge to introduce an unconventional shoe in a digital space. Telling the Allbirds story through conversational language and stimulating the senses through photography and illustration, conveys the tactility and comfort of the Wool Runners, inviting people to try the shoe for themselves.

We positioned Allbirds as the company committed to giving people stylish footwear they can feel great buying and even better wearing. And judging from a successful brand launch - from landing on the Today Show to writeups in Time, Fast Company, and more - Allbirds is poised to keep shaking up the footwear industry, getting onto people’s feet and into the world.