Best in bed

The situation

These days, it seems like every podcast is advertising an online mattress company. But before Casper, the idea of selling a mattress outside the showroom was unheard of. The company set out to shift people’s behavior to make that big ticket purchase online—and we helped them from the very beginning.

The solution

We focused on the benefits of truly great sleep (and just how easy it was to have), instead of the technical details and jargon that consumed the industry. Through a unique visual and verbal language, we developed a quirky and lovable personality with which customers were eager to engage. Casper became the new leader in sleep, rising above a crowded, commodified space to create a deep connection.

What we did

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Brand Messaging
UX + Visual Design
Marketing & Advertising
Packaging Design

"Red Antler is like a 6th founder to us."

— Philip Krim, Co-founder and CEO